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Thursday, 23 January 2014

UPDATE - 14 Year Old Girl Raped By 2 Grown Men. #Justice For Raped KS

I have followed this case with great interest and wrote about Justice for  KS last week Read Here. I saw a follow up letter sent to fellow blogger SDK from one of the people following the case. Read her letter -
We are working, thank God and thanks to people like you. Been going to the OPD since Monday. Even my boss isn't complaining about my getting to work late, he also wants justice. We now have a lawyer and a social worker assigned to the case. Dropped mother and daughter there today. They have had a talk with the lawyer and their bosses. The lawyer and social worker are on their way to Panti as I write. We are moving forward.

The police is a bunch of useless people! Imagine them begging her mother and asking the criminal to beg her too. Aren't they supposed to help keep such a serial rapist in check and behind locked gates? We all suspect foul play.
The inspector came to the mother's  stall yesterday night asking her to come to their station alone without her daughter.
We are watching.
His name is inspector Akin with Panti Police Station, Yaba and his number is 07085725282. Let's bombard his mobile with calls and messages seeking #JusticeForRapedKS
Bless you.
Update i called the inspector and trust he didnt pick but would keep calling. Justice for KS. God Bless you all.

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