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Thursday, 23 January 2014

Is This Real Or Photo-Shop?

This translucent shrimp-like creature was caught swimming near the surface of the ocean off New Zealand
A fisherman from New Zealand was left baffled when he caught this see-through shrimp-like creature swimming near the surface of the ocean. It looks scary. Its called a Salp, as they are more commonly known, are found in both equatorial and cold seas, so the waters around New Zealand's Karikari Peninsula would be more than suitable for the translucent sea creature.
 They are spotted swimming alone just as often as they are seen in long, string-like colonies, and move by pumping water through their gelatinous bodies. As a harmless creature that feeds only on plankton, a salp's see-through body is believed to be designed to avoid it being spotted by predators when floating near the surface. One remarkable species survival technique is the ability to create a clone of itself when food is abundant, which then grow at the fastest rate of any multicellular creature. DM

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