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Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Between Uti and Toke Makinwa.

Uti was the host of the ELOY Awards and he did a good job.However something got me really laughing. He acknowledged the fact that Toke Makinwa has taken over the event scene. While acknowledging her presence with her fiancee Maje, he asked people to give her a shout out..Well, majority didn't clap. So he jokingly said she shouldn't mind the beef. The most interesting part was when he said Toke is the most beefed celeb now""Everybody is beefing you Toke.Why?"
He went on further to say....

before Toke came on the scene, he was the most beefed celebrity for attending so many events .He said now ,whenever he goes to an event these days he prays to God that Toke attends too,so he won't be insulted alone and she can share the hate with him. He said since she came around, the hate on him has lessened because finally there is someone who attends more events than him..Lol. He told her people are hating because she is successful,doing well and shouldn't mind haters..he also added she has a sexy man by her side who many ladies wish they had....Well, she smiled coyly but I know that hit her hard..besides her fiancee didn't find that too funny. lol una know go kill person oh from calling toke lord of the ring, to key holder hand to toke everywhere you go, to MTN. Please can she just leave a little besides Uti saying he often prays Toke is attending the same event with him, haba thats below the belt nah. Make una they fear God. 
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