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Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Arik Air’s Joburg Passengers Stranded In Murtala International Airport.

Aggrieved Passengers.
Passengers who booked to fly Arik Air to Johannesburg on Sunday night are still waiting to leave Murtala Mohammed International Airport in Lagos, taken hostage by their airline. The flight was subsequently rescheduled to depart at 12 noon on November 25, but that, too, was followed by another delay announcement.  Subsequently, the delay became indefinite, and the passengers became furious at the nonchalant attitude of the airline management.
As of the time of filing in this report, a shouting match was well under way as the furious passengers, refusing to be held hostage any longer, were demanding refunds or cancellation and vowing never to travel Arik Air again. A member of staff of the Federal Aviation Authority of Nigeria, Mr. B.C. Iwuchukwu, has said that the flight would depart in two hours’ time. There are rumors that the aircraft meant to carry the passengers is not in good condition and that engineers are battling to repair it. Some passengers are afraid the plane might be in no condition to undertake the flight. Earlier in the day, a London bound flight was also delayed for over three hours. I dont know why people still use this airline, i have a friend who works as air hostess for Arik and she has nothing but despicable things to say about them, from not treating staff well and owing them salaries to the airline not having comfort packs for the economy passengers on long haul/ international flights 

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