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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Strange News - Man Spends £10,000 To Turn Himself Into The Devil.

                           Terrifying: Delenfer, 43, has spent £10,000 on his bid to look exactly like Lucifer - complete with devilish horns
With his forked tongue, razor-sharp fangs and horns that poke from his forehead, Diablo Delenfer, 43, from Kent, looks like most people's idea of a terrifying demon. Now the former security guard and self-described 'body modification artist' is to have screws implanted into his skull in a bid to create a devilish metal mohawk.
But because 'body modification' is unlicensed and unregulated in the UK, the entire operation will be done without anaesthetic.

                                               Transformation: Delenfer in 2009 at the beginning of his quest to become Beelzebub's doppelganger
                                                                     Devil Man Before.
'I am a human curiosity but body modification is my life's journey. It's a little bit weird, a little bit eccentric but that's what I am.' He adds: 'I chose to become the Devil Man because everything else has been done, whether here or in America. I'm not Satanic at all - it's just a piece of fun.' It's certainly an expensive piece of fun, with Delenfer confessing to spending more than £10,000 on his transformation so far. Although Delenfer says he's happy with his unusual looks, he does admit that looking like Lucifer has made his quest to find a girlfriend fraught with pitfalls. 'Relationships is a bit of a difficult issue to be honest,' he confesses. 'I'm looking for someone who can see beyond the mask. 'It has changed the way people look at me, accept and deal with me. It has made certain aspects like relationships difficult but it is my life journey and I ain't stopping!'
I do get a lot of attention from people walking down the street and I do have fun with it. Some people are scared and some don't understand but it is just a bit of fun. I'm not satanic at all, it's purely an image thing! Madness.
Daily Mail

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