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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Last Nigerian Virgin Pre-Val Hangout - Praise Fowowe

Too many things happen during Valentine's day from lose of virginity, contraction of HIV to death of teenagers just becos of a 24hour madness.
But that same 24hours has changed the lives of other teenagers simply by discovering themselves and taking a decision about their lives?

Center for Sex Education Presents The Last Nigerian Virgin Pre-teens Hangout wt 20 outstanding teens who want to make a difference within the next 1year.
Who is qualified:
- Ages 15-17
- Willingness to be mentored over the next 1year
- Willingness to stand out from the crowd and create a positive peer pressure
We may not be able to take every teenager hence the need for them to apply themselves by sending a mail of not more than 50words to bukolaaiyedofe@gmail.com wt the title - Why I deserve a slot at LNV14
Sessions hold on February 13th - Stream 1 - 9am - 12pm and Stream 2 - 1pm - 4pm
The session would be streamed online for teens who can't hangout wt us this year

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