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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Boko Haram Strikes Again In Borno State.

Over 40 persons were killed by Boko Haram invaders on Tuesday evening in Konduga town in Borno State. The sect burnt down several houses and a secondary school. The authorities were forced to down that institution.
A military reinforcement has now reached Konduga and taken over the security situation in the area. The militants arrived in dozens at about 5:30 pm yesterday and launched multiple attacks on civilians as they chanted 'Allahuakubar' and other Islam-related words.  They did their damage and left with no resistance from the security agencies.  Borno State is under emergency rule. The insurgents also took 20 young girls from a local college hostage, a teacher said. The military confirmed the attack took place but said it was still assessing the number of casualties.

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