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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Common Mistakes Men Make - Praise Fowowe.

How many times have you lived your life by the mantra ‘It is a man’s world’? I behave met too many men who have neglected their spouse’s need for affection, romance, communication and care simply because they believe it is not possible for her to cheat on them. As a matter of fact I have met too many men who would admit to cheating on their spouses butt would never imagine or stand the woman doing the same. Lately I have met quite a number of Nigerian women who are ready to leave their marriages while a few others have admitted to having an affair with a younger man simply because the man at home is everywhere except with her.
He makes love to his job, contracts, other babes, laptop and mobile phones except his wife. As a matter of fact there are men who have never touched their women in the last 8 months because of their addiction to pornography and berectile dysfunction induced by masturbation. I often say to men that same way you can be tempted is the same way your wife can be tempted because she is human so don’t take her for granted thinking that she has got enough self control for her guards not to be down. A cheat is anyone who has replaced a spouse with something else. So what have you replaced your wife with? If it is a deal or a laptop or i-pad that has taken you away from having sex with your woman then you are cheating on her.
In what areas are you taking your wife for granted? When was the last time you took her counsel or you don’t think she has got anything to offer you? When was the last time you touched her? Depriving your wife of your body is a fraudulent transaction. Hello men did you appreciate your wives yesterday? You can go ahead to flaunt her picture on your DP and your office table today. That is all you have got so flaunt her if you have properly groomed her. Don’t take her for granted because who she has become is a result of all she has had to go through for your sake. So celebrate her.
Underestimating the power of a woman to assist with whatever challenge you have as a man is responsible for the frustrations a lot of men o through. There is a favour from God that comes with finding a wife and that favour has eluded a lot of our men because they have been taking their women for granted. No matter how unlearned you think your wife is trapped in her are solutions to most of your issues because she is a customized help meet built specifically for you. There was a project I was meant to do a long time ago when I just got married and spent several nights thinking through what to do and how to get through it to no avail until my wife got worried about my mood and sought to know what the problem was. Guess what! In less than 6hours she has resolved what I couldn’t do in 2days. That is the power of a woman. A lot of men are making serious financial mistakes simply because they are taking the prudency ability in their women for granted. I was never able to save and invest well until I handed my entire finances to my wife and she began to hold me accountable. Never take your woman for granted because there is a great deal of treasure in her till and it takes a wise man to search them out. What are the most difficult issues you haven’t been able to resolve? Have you goofed and you can’t remedy the situation? It is time to get back to her cos resident in her is the solution to your problem. Men it is time to give our women their place. If your macho hasn’t helped you then tap into her tenderness.
She may not have done 100% what you desire but she has done the best with what she knows under the circumstances she found herself. There is not so much I want you to do as men today than take a good look at your wife again and ask yourself if she hasn’t been a blessing to you? It doesn’t matter if you have lived in deception and self delusion all these years. It wouldn’t matter if you have beaten her several times or you have grown to even detest her simply because your eyes are elsewhere. I want you to at least under God be honest with yourself even if it is the last honesty you have left in you and look out for at least 10good things she has done or the 10areas she has been a blessing to you since you married her. There is a favour that comes with finding a wife from God and there is a level of sanity and growth that comes with it as well. Haven’t you been enjoying that? So many of us forget that it is so easy for your wife to kill you in your sleep or through any other means yet you sleep and wake up in the same house daily and it hasn’t entered her heart to finish you off inspite of all you have done to her. It is time to do stock taking today and see if you haven’t really taken her for granted. If there is still a bit of humanity left in you I want you to apologize today again and make a commitment to reciprocate her goodness and the favour you have enjoyed because of her from God and men. It has been said a cow doesn’t value its tail until it is cut off same way many men won’t value their wives until the scale falls off your eyes and the Cinderella you have become attached to finishes you off. The real person that loves you isn’t the one that showed up when you already have a car and you have some money to throw around; the real love of your life was the one that accepted you when there was nothing and had enough faith to stick to YOU.

A man told me yesterday that he is only accountable to God and I laughed because if God never want him to be accountable to any other human he wouldn’t have been born by human beings; wouldn’t have learnt ABC from anyone and God would have needed to drop everything he needed directly from heaven. It is amazing how many of us lie to ourselves to escape reality. I still repeat today that any man without any authority figure like a mentor over his life is on his way to becoming a beast. We all need someone to call us to order and we can’t survive without such. As a matter of fact a Jewish Proverb says in the multitude of counsel there is safety and another says a child left to himself will come to ruin. A lot of men have been destroyed because they have refused to be accountable. There must be a system around you that checks your life and all you do. And that is why there is chaos where laws are absent. Why do we have a balcony in every house? Why do we have traffic lights and road signs? Human nature can’t survive without accountability so your money is not just your money; it is the family money and you need to account for every penny even if you were the one that earned it. It was one of the most difficult decisions for me to make when my mentor taught me about it but one of the best decisions I have also made because my wife holds me accountable for every penny earned every week and together we plan how to disburse which has given me rest in my finances. You need to accountable for your relationships or else you wouldn’t know at what point you have started going beyond your boundaries or how do you explain the fact that you are the running around to help a single girl secure accommodation at the expense of your time with your wife? And you don’t expect her to confront you? If your ways were right you wouldn’t get angry when she checks on you.
“A body of men holding themselves accountable to nobody ought not to be trusted by anybody.”
― Thomas Paine

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