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Friday, 7 March 2014

Your Child And Sex (8-12 Years) - Praise Fowowe

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Your Child and Sex 51–LIFE IS GOOD (8-12years)
In the last 51days we have been looking at what to teach your kids about sex. The challenge ahead of us is how to tame the rate at which our pre-teens and teens are getting involved in same sex relationships. There is a serious wind blowing across the nations and many parents are not prepared but you can be rest assured that if you don’t prepare your child for the battles ahead you would have contributed to the activities of paedophiles.

It is safe to say that Africa will not be a part to the same sex syndrome sweeping across the developed world but if we are not prepared it would be so easy for us to be caught in the act as well. I want to make a passionate appeal to every parent that has gotten our basic sexuality education kit to please start your family on basic sexuality education and please take responsibility for other kids around you as well because my ears are full of the discoveries in many homes. It is no longer safe to assume all is well and there is no point trying to learn how to swim when you are already drowning so we need to be prepared so that your children are well grounded on the truth about their sexuality.
The next concept you redefine to your child at this age is the concept of the body which is simply defined as the earth suit that ensures the legality of the human spirit on planet earth. Let your child understand that his/body can be lost to sexually transmitted infections hence the need to protect their body against all odds especially their minds because the dominant content therein will determine their actions per time.
Tell your child that the body is like a container so they must place emphasis on the content while also learning to live above peer pressure. It is not what they wear that makes them trendy it is who they are that should make what they wear trendy and that is why girls must learn to keep private parts private.
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