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Monday, 10 March 2014

Group To Mobilise 2 Million-Man March For Jonathan

AS preparations by political parties and their supporters gather momentum for 2015 general elections, a group known as Youths for Ebele Jonathan, YEJ, weekend, said it had put everything in place to mobilise 2 million young people for the re-election of President Goodluck Jonathan.

The National Coordinator, YEJ, Chief Robert Opara, disclosed this at an interactive session with journalists after the meeting of the National Working Committee of the organisation.
Opara who maintained that YEJ was not a sponsored group as some people might think, said the organisation would mobilise over 2 million young people that will stand up and say yes to Mr. President, and over 20 million youths will be mobilised to vote for Mr. President. Does this sound familiar?Anyone was old enough to remember this was done during Abacha's time. How short sighted can people be?Remember in 97/98 they started the Youths Earnestly Yearn for Abacha which got alot of pople killed when the 1 million man concert was organised in Abuja. Some people are all about ht emoney and have sold their conscience out because of money, so mcuch for not being a sponsored group.....I Laugh Vanguard

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