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Monday, 10 March 2014

Boko Haram Ideology Forbidden In Islam And Is Haram - Bilal Philips

A renowned controversial islamic has been refused entry to Germany, Australia and the UK was recently granted a visa to Nigeria where he was a guest speaker.  A renowned Islamic scholar, Bilal Philips, has condemned the extremist group, Boko Haram, saying contrary to the group’s claim of being against western education, it is the sect’s logic and reasoning that is forbidden in the eyes of Islam.

Mr. Philips described the insurgent group as being Haram themselves. “Boko Haram are Haram,” he said.
The word Haram is an Arabic word for “forbidden”, and Boko Haram which has killed thousands mainly in northern Nigeria since 2009, has as its central belief that the acquisition of western education is forbidden.
Mr. Philips, who delivered a lecture Sunday in Abuja, stated that members of the sect are ignorant of Islam.
“You cannot kill innocent kids at school and claim to be Muslims, this has driven you out of Islam because your action is an act of disbelief in itself,” he said. The scholar said members of the sect have no conscience and it is only ignorance of Islam that will allow them “do this kind of atrocity”. He said Muslims are expected to oppose policies only through peaceful constitutional means by bringing their view point to relevant organs of government through their trusted representatives.
He stated that Prophet Muhammad always preached peace and only fought when necessary and often times to bring peace to the community. PT.

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