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Friday, 7 February 2014

Your Child And Sex 5-8 Years - Praise Fowowe

LoveBird’s Daily Devotional with Praise Fowowe © 2013
Your Child and Sex 22– CURIOSITY & I (5-8years)
 I am a teacher in one of the top private schools in Lagos and when I heard you talk about the FVBB(fuck vagina, breast and bumbum) concept among ages 6-8 in one of your sessions I could identify with it. It is a sad reality that most of the owners of the schools are not really in touch with what is on ground as they use sophistication and the ambience to cover up moral decadence in many of these schools.
I am in a state of shock at what these children do and while I may not want to disclose my school it is not an understatement that many of these children have started having sexual contacts and many of them with their mates and some others with their house-helps. It is even sad watching the interactions between househelps and drivers when they come to pick these children from school. God bless your works and I hope parents wake up from their slumber and take responsibility.
 (Susan – Lagos).
 For a couple of days we have been looking at ages 5-8 and it has become so clear that we all have a lot to do as parents. My deepest prayer is that what you have heard would change the course of your child’s PTA meetings forever and that you will also push and press for the implementation of basic sexuality education for kids in your child’s schools and churches. Your responsibility can save so many other children because we not teaching your child about sex is collaborating with the predator to mess up your child becos the strength of d predator is the ignorance of a child. Consistently emphasis the power of one to your child to keep him off peer pressure ‘That everyone is doing it doesn’t make it right and that you are the only one doing it doesn’t make it wrong, I must stand out becos I am a king/queen’ Let your child know that you would be there as their best friend in case someone is threatening to stop being their friend becos they are not allowing bad touch

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