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Friday, 7 February 2014

Question Of The Day?

You received an interview invite from a blue chip company, you form a lie to your supervisor just to attend the interview, he/she allows you off for the appointed day. On the day of the interview, you confidently walk into the interview room and among the panelist you see your supervisor seated. What will you do and do consider your appointment terminated? Your opinions please cos this is a true life experience that happened today. Should the person resume on monday or...........?


  1. Well in all honesty,you can't tell ur spervisor 'hey,I will be bck wanna pop in for a job intrview' so as sad as it seems dts d only way out. As for resuming on monday, for sure, d worst dat can happen is u gt fired! Or if u r a very valuable employee it cud lead to gr8er tins for u @ ur present compny cos they will prolly gve u a promo n try to pls u etc.

  2. Resume.
    No big deal. Its called 'a white lie' and theres no way they would have given you time off to go for an interview.

    U cant sack yourself and besides, your supervisor shouldnt be angry cos technically, if you get the new job, you will still be working for him.