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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Your Child And Sex - Praise Fowowe.

Your Child and Sex -3 – Ages 18months – 3years
Sola was just had just clocked 3years when she was sexually abused by her uncle living in their house. She made to report to her mother but her inability to pronounce penis and the insensitivity of her mother ensured the abuse continued for 7 straight years. According to her ‘I ran to my mother to report how Uncle inserted his nail inside my bumbum but she joined my other siblings to laugh at me’. She stopped talking to them afterwards and the predator abused her for 7years. She is now a mother of 2 but buzzed my line after seeing my sexuality education kit to confirm the fact that sexuality education should start at 18months.

Between 18months-3years you teach what we have tagged ‘My Body and I’. Children in this age range are more aware of themselves and environment+ They imitate what they see people do especially you +They follow simple commands and understand simple questions + They don’t understand consequences of things so try to touch everything + They can appreciate a simple story and song because their attention span is very short + At 2years they can learn 50words every month so if you don’t intentionally deposit the right words 5 of the words could be ‘ She, must chop my money’. You need to use songs and stories here becos of the low attention span of this age range.
The first lesson is a song ‘My body is my friend and it’s the house that I live, it has 2 different parts called private and public, i will do just everything to protect my body, cos I love my body and my body loves me’(You can order for Basic Sexuality education Kit to get the songs cds). The lessons spans Jan – December. With the songs you have established what the body is and the parts that make up the body. Remember you can’t be a 21st century child’s teacher without first becoming their student.
To be continued.
I honour you.
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