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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Stop Using Fat Burning , Weight Loss Pills.

                                      Campaigners have called for DNP diet pills - which have killed 60 people worldwide - to be banned in the UK
Fat-burning diet pills which have caused 60 deaths worldwide should be banned in the UK, victims’ families have urged. Campaigners have called for DNP pills to be classified as a class-C drug so possession of the pills would be a crime. DNP - dinitrophenol - is readily available on the internet in £30 or £50 batches.  It causes the body’s metabolism to speed up, burning fat while causing drastic overheating. Warnings online such as ‘the excessive and improper use of DNP can lead to death!’ often do not deter dieters. On one site, a user said: ‘DNP is pure hell. Body temp can spike as high as 105-108 degrees… any higher and your brain will fry and you’d better be prepared to make funeral arrangements. Exercise is the best remedy and watching what you eat as well. Read the rest  DM.

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  1. I strongly support against the use of weight loss pills / supplements like this! Instead of providing health benefits as promise, it places us in a life-threatening condition. If product claims it's natural doesn’t mean it's safe or good for you. The FDA urges people to report dangerous supplements through its MedWatch program. Forget supplements and diet pills. Instead, rely on healthy foods with combined exercise to help you lose weight.