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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

14 Year Old Girl Raped By 35 and 40 Year Old Men.

According to tweets on twitter a 14 year old girl was sent by her mother yesterday to buy Ugwu leaves in Cement area of Akowonjo, Lagos state and was accosted by two men a 35 year old and 40 year old who lured her in to a house. They raped and sodomized. They lied that they did nothing but test results proved otherwise. Read Tweets. 

                            The test results show she was raped and sodomized. I had to remove her address and name. 
                      One of the rapist at the police station.
I am quite applled by this 1st i blame the mom for sending her out late shes a vunerable young lady that shouldnt be sent on out on her own on an errand during the day not to talk of at night. I hope and pray these men are brought to book. I would be updating you all as events unfold meanwhile if you are twitter hashtag #JusticeForRapedKS and follow @iamalub. God bless you all as we make our Country safe for our children.

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