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Monday, 20 January 2014

Your Child And Sex By Praise Fowowe.

LoveBird’s Daily Devotional with Praise Fowowe © 2013
Your Child and Sex 16– CURIOSITY & I (5-8years)
I don’t know if you have observed that children within this age range don’t really want to assist at home yet they could spend the whole day playing. Truth is we would never raise the next generation of scientists and global icon that way and our not getting them responsible early enough is partly responsible for their early exposure to child sexual abuse.
So how do you get them to do what they would ordinarily not do?
 Sit your children down and ask what they would have you buy for them if they had a blank cheque. Listen to them and write down their requests but also find out what they would be willing to trade to get their desires? Set the rules which should be something like they must be able to accumulate 1million right points to get their desires and the rule would be every time they do what is right in the house without being told they would earn 10000points but every time you notice something that is wrong in their territory they will lose 10000points. Set a score board in your home to record their points. You will notice immediate change in them like a woman did and had to send her house-help away because her children became responsible for everything happening in the house.
However you must keep to your word if they earn the 1million points or else they would never trust you again. Still on identity teach your children that they are world changers, role models and leaders. End the identity session with the final song on the song cd ‘That everyone is doing it doesn’t make it right and that you alone are doing it doesn’t make it wrong. I will stand out 3ice because i am a king/queen 2ice.
To be continued.
I honour you.
Order for Raising a 21st century child in a sexualized world dvd sexandfamilycenter.org/super-kidz  or call kike 08022958110
Praise Fowowe is a Sexuality Education and Family Life Coach
Website: www.praisefowowe.com
Email - praisefowowe@gmail.com

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