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Monday, 20 January 2014

Violent Thug Cannot Be Deported Back To Nigeria Because Nigerian Goverment Has Refused To Accept Him.

                                 Joland Giwa is back on Britain's streets after attempts by the government to have him deported floundered amid failures to decide which country should take him   Joland Giwa
A violent gangster who was due to have been deported is back on the streets of Britain because officials cannot work out where to send him.
Joland Giwa had been kept locked up for more than four years after finishing a jail sentence for a string of street robberies.

But immigration officials have been unable to determine his nationality, with both Nigeria and Sierra Leone refusing to accept him. They cannot even be sure he gave the correct name and age when he sought asylum in Britain. However, a judge ruled it was unfair to keep Giwa locked up if there was no prospect of him being deported – even though he presents a ‘serious risk of violence’ and there is ‘a very significant risk both of absconding and reoffending’. Giwa – the ‘general’ of an 80-strong gang behind a spate of stabbings, shootings and killings on the streets of Croydon, South London, in 2007 – was freed last month.
He must wear an electronic tag to monitor his movements, has been told he must live in Cardiff and is banned from returning to London. Last night the farce was condemned by Tory MPs.
James Clappison, a member of the Commons home affairs committee said: ‘The public would expect us to be able to protect them from this kind of person in these circumstances. He obviously came here some time ago, but that shouldn’t stop us sending him back. We need to be able to deport somebody whenever it’s necessary to protect the public.’ Giwa, who is thought to be 24, arrived at Heathrow with his twin brother in 1999 on a flight from Nigeria. He had no parent or guardian and no passport or identity documents. He claimed asylum, telling officials he was a ten-year-old from Sierra Leone whose parents were killed in its civil war. His asylum claim was refused but he was given permission to stay for four years, before being given a permanent right to stay in 2005. He soon became involved in crime, running Croydon’s notorious Don’t Say Nothing gang and using the street name Dexter. Giwa has been linked to at least 99 incidents of criminal or anti-social behaviour. In February 2009 he was jailed for 27 months for a series of robberies and thefts, and ordered to be deported afterwards. In court, police said Giwa was ready ‘at any time to use knives and weapons’ and in a YouTube video he boasted of stabbing a man in the head. Giwa’s appeals against deportation were dismissed, so there is no legal bar to him being removed. One former police officer told an immigration hearing that Giwa posed a ‘serious threat to the public’. At the end of his sentence he was held at an immigration centre but in 2011 he was transferred to Belmarsh prison after intelligence suggested he was involved in smuggling in drugs. Most of his visitors in Belmarsh were known criminals, a court document said. His brother Make was jailed for trying to smuggle heroin and phone Sim cards into Belmarsh last year. In an effort to discover where Giwa is from, a linguist analysed his speech but was unable to confirm his nationality, saying that he had a strong London accent. He concluded there was evidence of Nigerian English rather than the accents used in Sierra Leone. Peter Cuthbertson, director of the Centre for Crime Prevention, said: ‘It says it all that the authorities are willing to release hardened criminals.’ The Home Office said: ‘We are very disappointed by the court’s decision. We are continuing to fight for his removal from the UK.’ DM.

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