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Wednesday, 1 January 2014

UPDATE : On Man Who Set Himself Ablaze in Abuja.

Yesterday i wrote a story on a man who set himself ABLAZE. Well According to reports by the Africa Independent Television (AIT), the deceased man is known as Mr. Fredrick Onuigbo. He reportedly walked out of his house that fateful day by 6 am, bought fuel and set himself ablaze behind NNPC Filling Station in Gwarimpa Abuja.
Below are the reasons adduced for committing suicide:
He got an ejection threat from the Landlord;
He has 7 Children all of whom are out of school;
His mother’s corpse was still lying in the mortuary;
He has no single food in his house;
He had earlier lost his business,
He was faced with loan repayment from a Microfinance bank…. all hope was lost and he succumbed to economic threat in Nigeria.
According to the family members, Late Fredrick could no longer understand the definition of “Economic Growth” on the pages of newspaper and Television.
He wondered why “Economic Growth” is no longer about food on table, roof above the head, affordable medical facilities, good education…. he was caught in the web of economic depreciation which has been choking him for years now.
How sad, not justifying his action infact am against. Rest In Peace Mr Onuigbo

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