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Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Strange News - Mother Sues Beyonce Over Death Of Her Daughter.

        Beyoncé Doesn't Want Tina Knowles To Listen To 'Partition'
Rumor has it that someone really got "Drunk In Love" and died. According to Creambmp.com rumors are swirling around that a mother is suing the singer, Beyonce after her daughter died on a surfboard while performing oral favors on her boyfriend in the ocean.
According to the site, the rumored mother's name is Jewel Wilmington who filed a lawsuit in California. It was noted that Wilmington said: "She ain't have no business going all the way out in the middle of the ocean just to suck no d**k". Wilmington a grieving mother says her daughters actions were wrong, but says she was encouraged by the singer Beyonce.
It is reported that Wilmington is putting partially responsibility on Beyonce for encouraging young female fans to explore their sexuality on a surfboard in her song, "Drunk In Love." Creambmp also claims that the upset mother said:  The little b**ch was always talking about a surfboard, but could drown in a tub. She know black folk can't swim." With tears in her eyes she continued. "Us Wilmington's can dance, play some ball, and will fight a n**ga if we have to, but swimming just ain't in our DNA". If the rumored story is true, Beyonce is being sued for $5 Million, and Mrs. Wilmington will also be  going after the hospital. She claims the hospital was unprofessional announcing her daughters official death certificate as, "suffocation by way of the D***." In other words the male body part. If this story is anything to go by, why would you hang on to everyone of some singer that doesnt even know you. RUBBISH.

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