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Tuesday, 14 January 2014

New Series - Your Child And Sex By Praise Fowowe.

LoveBird’s Daily Devotional with Praise Fowowe © 2013
Your Child and Sex 13–CURIOSITY & I (3-5years)
 Praise, thanks for all your life changing tips, my story was exactly like the little girl that was made to suck the penis of that adult because that was what happened to me for so many years. Each time I was left alone at home my neighbor who was quite older would come and force me to suck his penis I hated it and couldn’t tell anyone for so many years.
I started avoiding him but would follow me everywhere including getting into the bathroom to make me do it. Eventually I told my mum who reported him to his uncle but warned not to tell my Dad. Something had already gone wrong with me and no one noticed cos my cousin took over and started doing the same while my aunt was also introducing me to lesbianism. See a lot happened that messed up my mind. Parents can’t afford to be ignorant because there is a lot of incest going on in many homes. Serah.
The question I would like to answer today is how do you know a child that is being sexually molested at this age?
(1) Unnecessary attachments– when your child bonds unnecessarily with someone he/she has no business bonding with like the aboki that sells by the gate or the house-boy or a particular family member you may need to probe the closeness.
(2)Observation- Check your child’s body and observe their body language when you talk about body parts. You might also want to probe when an extroverted child suddenly becomes introverted or when a child that has passed the age of bedwetting begins to bed-wet again.
(3)Violent behaviour – Sometimes an abused child exhibits this.
 Other clues include: Absent mindedness, Withdrawal and intermittent quizzing (did anyone do anything that he/she said you mustn’t tell daddy or mummy?)
To be continued
I honour you.
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