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Saturday, 6 April 2013

Ray J's Song About Kim K Leaks Listen Here.

Kim and Ray J.
The Album Art Cover And The Picture That He Used.
If you thought Ray J’s outrageous diss song, “I Hit It First,” seemed crazy just from reading the title, wait until you hear the whole song.
According to Kanyes close pal he has heard about the song and wont give it much attention because Ray J is just a broke rapper trying to make himself relevant riding on his Ex's fame.  The odd part of the song though is when Ray J’s diss song turns into a love song. “And if you would’ve come back to me girl I know just how you do me.” Hate to break it to you, Ray J, but we don’t think Kim’s coming back to you any time soon. Seems like hes still pinning for Kim. Listen and tell us what you think.

Huffington Post And HWL.

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