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Saturday, 6 April 2013

10 Things That Make Parenthood Worth It.

As parents we can get caught up in the difficult parts of parenthood such as sleepless nights, terrible twos, and rebellious teens. However, becoming  a parent is one of the best things that a person can do with their life. Here are 10 reasons why:
1. Unconditional Love- No matter what else is going on in your life, the love you have for your child and your child has for you is eternal.
2. Laughter- Kids really do say (and do) the darndest things.
3. Shopping- Now you can expand your shopping trips and have an excuse to go hit the stores. Kids always need something.
4. Cuddle Time- You can use a few extra squeezes and kisses from your kids. It can be the perfect thing when you need to brighten up your day.
5. Buddies- You’ll never be alone. You’ll always have a friend and someone to watch movies with when you have kids.
6. Adventure- One thing is for sure. You will never be bored when you have little ones running around.
7. Party Time- Whether you’re celebrating your chid’s birthday, heading to birthday party for one of their friends, or hosting a Friday night slumber party, your social calendar will be filled with endless bouncy houses, school dances and princess dresses.
8. New Friendships- Not only will your children make new friends along the way, but so will you. You will get to know parents and start making new connections.
9. Responsibility- As a parent you will learn new levels of responsibility and probably start to feel like you can handle anything if you can handle a child.
10. Life- Above all, you’ve done something extremely important, you’ve made life. You never know, you’re child may be the next President or the scientist that discovers a cure for cancer.
What are some of your favorite parts of being a parent?

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