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Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Helicopter Crash In London.

Images circulated on Twitter showing the aftermath of the helicopter crash in south London
At least two people were confirmed dead and alot more people injured after a helicopter hit the top of a crane and crashed into the ground in a ball of flames at the peak of rush-hour in Vauxhall, central London today. After "cartwheeling to the ground", it sent screaming residents, commuters and construction workers running "for their lives" as burning wreckage and aviation fuel covered the road.

Witnesses suggested that the helicopter, which is reported to have only the pilot on board, had plunged more than 60 storeys to the ground. It then hit two cars, which have been left abandoned and charred. One driver was trapped and firefighters were able to rescue him from his car before being rushed to hospital.

The sound of the crash people thought it was a bomb attack and scampered for safety. It happened about 8am this morning.
The helicopter helicopter hit a crane and two cars in Vauxhall. Two people have died, and nine were injured in the crash. One of those injured is critially ill.A badly damaged Volkswagen is seen in this photo released by the London Fire Brigade

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