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Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Christian Woman Wins Right To Wear Cross To Work

Victory: Miss Eweida said she 'jumped for joy' and thanked Jesus after hearing the decision this morning
British Airways check-in clerk Nadia Eweida triumphed over the airline yesterday after a six-year battle to wear her cross at work. Her right to profess her religious belief should have trumped the airline’s powers to mould its image by imposing petty uniform rules on its staff A ‘jubilant’ Miss Eweida, who had lost at a string of hearings in Britain, said her first reaction to the ruling had been to say: ‘Thank you, Jesus.  Miss Eweida, 61, had been told by British Airways that she must remove the cross she wore with her uniform, even though the airline was happy for Sikh men to wear turbans and bracelets and for Muslim women to wear headscarves.
After her victory she said: ‘I’m overwhelmed, but jubilant. When I heard the result I literally jumped up and down for joy and said “thank you, Jesus”. ‘I’m very pleased Christian rights have been vindicated. I believe there will be a big impact and it will encourage employees who are too timid or reserved to wear their crosses not to be afraid to show their faith.

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