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Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Cossy Has Deleted Her Controversial Pictures Off Twitter..Amidst Criticisms

Yesterday she uploaded some raunchy pictures on twitter yesterday and people did not let her hear the last of it. If you missed it Read Here. She has deleted the tweets,pictures. Meanwhile she has been hit hard by insults and yabs by her fans and haters alike. Read the Open letter after tweets.
Read from the Bottom Up:

An Open Letter To Cossy Orjiakor By Gbagaun Detector
In doing that it seems you stumbled on your ‘calling’ or rather you became self aware. You put your ridiculous size of mammary glands to work and started posting pictures on line, then you entered the ‘Aristo’ trade fully (again, takes no rocket science).
All these you did as you tweeted ’5 years’. Its rumoured to have given you plots of lands at Abuja; an abode at Lekki and a PlayGirl mansion and even afforded you the money to try your hands in the music industry. (A single with fellow Anambarian Tonto Dikeh with a hook by Terry Gzus, maybe?)
You ‘Aristo’ business have you clients ranging from Governors of states to Ministers; from Business moguls to ‘Yahoo’ guys; from Actors (you denied this,well; what do we know?) to Musicians and Media Practitioners (well, that award of upcoming act, anyone?).
You even retweeted  tweets from @pwesh-ama, and I quote,”…cossy is the pioneer of all aristos in nigeria…..mhne, she’s the ultimate ashawo…she’s the ultimate ashawo other ashawos look up to as role model” [end of quote]
Well done.
Nwanyi oma, know that time is running out. We know you want to be a Pamela Anderson but note that the world over has been trying to be like her and no one has succeeded. You can only be Cossy Orjiakor. Note that.
Also, you are nearly 40. No kids? No hubby, even if they are hidden in the closet? Bring them out and flaunt them, so we could know them as your fans know your mammary glands! They need our support and prayers in order for them to really ‘live’ with your person.
Your drinking and smoking are top notch; three words : it ages you.
The most recent pictures of your endowment has veins of green blood all over it, your face is like that of a tramp, and your skin has begun to wrinkle; gross.
At least you pay your rent now,own a car and has slept with whom and whatever that accept your charges; you have lived your dream.
All we ask is that the last person you would ever mentor be @pwesh-ama.

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