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Thursday, 17 January 2013

Bishop Larry Trotter Poses In Tub With Grand Daughter.

A popular Chicago preacher has provoked controversy after posting a picture of himself in the bath with his granddaughter on Instragram. Bishop Larry Trotter of the Sweet Holly Spirit Church caused uproar on Twitter after sharing the intimate snap with his fans on the popular photo-sharing site
 In the picture, Trotter and his granddaughter smile for the camera while covered in bubbles form the neck down. It is not clear whether they are naked. The viral image has since stirred a huge response from the online community with many calling for child protective services to get involved. One outrage viewer said: "This might seem innocent but my question to you is why on earth you are taking a bath where your 4/5 year old granddaughter can just walk in on you and question about the bubbles in the tub." Another wrote: "I simply could not find anything right with this picture and I looked for 3 minutes". Pastor trotter has often been in the eye of the storm from one controversy to another. Differenyt strokes for different folks i guess, maybe they are a close knit family. You tell me.

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  1. This pastor guy is an ass why will do something like this and put it there for the world to so