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Saturday, 29 March 2014

Basic Sexuality Education Kit - Praise Fowowe

‎Join our quest to rid our homes of Sex predators and earn. -Would you want to join our quest to kick out child sexual abuse? - Would you want to join us to distribute materials that can empower our kids and homes? - Would you love to earn extra income while doing that as a distributor?
Together we can kick out child sexual abuse. 7k, 3k or 2k can put enough resources in the hands of every home that can safeguard our kids from sex predators. Are you interested?  Kindly do a mail to excelking2003@yahoo.com stating your name, email address, phone number,  location and marital status Together we shall kick out child sexual abuse. I honour you  Praise Fowowe Center For Sex Education and Family Life Plot 14 Hilton Drive off Ogundana off Allen  Lagos Nigeria  Someday in Africa every child will have access to basic sexuality education and child sexual abuse would have been dealt with.

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