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Saturday, 29 March 2014

Actress Rukky Sanda Is Feeling Betrayed.

She took to her instagram account to share her frustration and anger at having her kindnesss thrown in her face and people taking advantage of her. Read her message - 
"People I have been nothing but good to have thrown my kindness in my face and betrayed me. I know a lot and can use my networking skills to spread any damn thing about anybody but I completely refuse to wrestle with pigs, people are constantly trying to break me, I am not broken, I am strong, I cut people off without looking back.
Friends sometimes become foes. Isn't that life? A friend that turns into your enemy has never been your friend and that's a fact. These people have become so obsessed with me, drag my name in the mud and paint me to be something I am not. This has happened for years(yes for years) and because of that, my skin has grown thick(forget my complexion) stalking me has become a hobby for some people, even strangers I do not know keep stalking me to dwell on negativity".

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