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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

12 Common Mistakes Married Men Make - Praise Fowowe

‎LoveBirds Daily Devotional with Praise Fowowe(c)2014
 12Common Mistakes Married Men Make – 8
 # 2 ‘I can Handle any Woman Syndrome’ I have seen too many men run an organization who found it difficult to run their homes. How many celebrity marriages have we seen break down within the first one year? How many men have moved from one woman to another thinking they would find happiness?  I laugh when I see a man who isn’t willing to take responsibility for a woman that has been battered by another man.
As a matter of fact a lot of men who married out of her beauty soon found out that it was a body they married not the real person. The depth of a woman is beyond comprehension and it takes a wise man to unearth her that is why you don’t need to marry if you are not willing to become her student to pick the signal of how best to maximize this complex but interesting creature..  Are you aware women come in 4 different brand of cars and you can’t afford to drive them based on assumption but the way they were configured to be driven?  The first class of package is the Intimidating wife – She is a natural leader and executive who loves to move from one project to another and has lofty dreams that she can’t stand any one standing in her way. Do you know the best way to handle her is to serve her and be matured enough to earn her respect. Once she sees a father and a mentor in you she will learn to live by your counsel and understanding her also helps you overlook her tendency to want to take the lead. If you listen to your friends they will tell you that she is the husband but if you listen to her creator He will tell you that she is a global arrow in your quaver that you can either shoot to the entire world and become a proud coach of a successful player or you pocket her and become a husband to a nagging wife. You shouldn’t have a problem with her popularity because she goes everywhere in your name and that is a mark of greatness. To be continued
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