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Monday, 10 February 2014

Your Child And Sex - Praise Fowowe

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Your Child and Sex 24– CURIOSITY & I (8-12years)
This age remains the most misunderstood for a lot of parents because we don’t understand their tendencies so let me quickly run you through some of the things you should expect from the children at this age:
They love sports, video games and adventure so could be open to abuse by predators, Age of perfecting skills so could seek to be more independent from family , Development of secondary sex characteristics.
Time to talk about her/his friends and likely challenges, Wants to achieve so much in little time that begins to feel discouraged when goals are not met, Parents need to become more interested in activities and need to encourage children to join positive groups, May need to be interested in the families of your child’s friends, Begins to confide in best friend at 10(if you are not your child’s best friend you need to begin to wonder who the best friend is and what values drive him/her), Becomes more interested in opposite sex, Has strong opinions and strives to succeed at 11, Interested in body changes, Becomes more aware of opposite sex, Could display anger through aggression when misunderstood and some could become pleasant and good natured at 12.
Understanding these traits prepare you for what to expect and lessens your frustrations as a parent.  Don’t assume your child can take care of himself/herself and detach emotionally becos that is the time they need you most. Their use of words could change at this age as they use a lot of slangs and that is why you can’t afford to outgrow your child’s youthfulness seek to learn new slangs and taboos from them. For example breast could be Manchester or courage while bumbum could be Barcelona or reason in their world. You need to humble yourself to become their student and that brings me to the first module you must run your child through and that is puberty and self-esteem.
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