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Monday, 10 February 2014

OMG - 5 Police Men Slump On Parade Ground.

                                   Five Policemen slump on parade ground in Lagos ... on Friday
Five officers of the Nigeria Police Force slumped on Friday at the Police College, Ikeja, during a parade to mark the pulling out (retirement) of senior police officers.
The event, which lasted for about two hours, was held in honour of  seven  retiring officers, made up of two AIGs and five commissioners.  Midway into the ceremony, a policeman slumped and was quickly attended to by the paramedics, who later carried the man away in an NPF ambulance. Almost immediately after the incident, three others, including a woman, also slumped. Paramedics, who attended to them, gave them sachet water, which they drank and also poured  on their heads. The fifth man that slumped  was taken out of the parade ground by the medical team.
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