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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Your Child And Sex (8-12 Years) - Praise Fowowe

LoveBird’s Daily Devotional with Praise Fowowe © 2013
Your Child and Sex 33–LIFE IS GOOD (8-12years)
Praise please I need your help. I can identify with your stuff on self-esteem for children between 8-12 because I suffered sexual abuse at 11 from my cousins and uncles. I was their toy and they messed me up big time that I became hardened.
It became hard to respect or obey any man no matter what he was saying I always wanted to do the opposite even when it didn’t make sense.  I have lost suitors cos I wasn’t willing to change and all of them said I behaved more like a man. I have smoked, dated strange people and broken all kinds of rules. I couldn’t relate my issue with child sexual abuse until now. Am I normal?
(Ijeoma). A
According to the  Counseling and mental health center, University of Texas there are 3 faces of low self-esteem and some could play out in a child without you knowing it is a self-esteem issue and they are: THE REBEL- acts like the opinions or good will of others - especially people who are important or powerful - don't matter. Lives with constant anger about not feeling "good enough." Continuously needs to prove that others' judgments and criticisms don't hurt, which may lead to problems like blaming others excessively, breaking rules or laws, or fighting authority.  THE IMPOSTOR- : acts happy and successful, but is really terrified of failure. Lives with the constant fear that she or he will be "found out." Needs continuous successes to maintain the mask of positive self-esteem, which may lead to problems with perfectionism, procrastination, competition, and burn-out. As a parent when you see a child manifest any of the 2 you might want to probe and be sure if the child hasn’t or is being sexually molested
To be continued
I honour you.
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