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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Human Meat Now Been Sold As Suya In Nigeria.

See Gobe i saw this story on Stella Dimokokorkus blog and just had to bring it here. Am a lover of suya and eat suya almost everyday once its available. I have heard this gist a long time ago but didnt belive it but in every rumour theres an iota of truth. Please read and be educated
I am a guy..a regular blog visitor.my friend and I just went for a stroll in lagos and I come dey whine am to buy suya na..say him dey fuck up sef..he came from liberia and had some money with him..then he finally gave in to buy suya sha. After we bought from one mallam..
.I ate some pieces and it tasted the normal way suya tastes to me sometimes....tough..kinda like half done..so I swallowed it since I couldn't chew for long again..it wasn't melting..I don't know if you get the picture I am trying to paint.
some people would just conclude that that part is probably the toso and should taste like that...
well,back to the story..as that my friend tasted his own..he immediately spat it out and said..oh..its true..that's what boss man said...
I was like what did boss man say..and who is boss man?...he said that he was in a child army in liberia..during the civil war in the 90's..and he was under the rebel leader called "General Butt Naked"...(You can google it)...and that they were made to eat human meat..as it was believed that they won't be harmed during combat...well,fast forward to recently,after the war.their boss man returned from Nigeria and told them that he had discovered they sell human meat on the streets to unsuspecting victims as suya and he infact bought some to have found out.he said they all smiled and soon forgot about it...but now that he also tasted this meat we bought he thinks its what most mallams sell here in Nigeria and that his ex-leader was right.

he said I should believe him..as he had tasted both human and cow meat...and he knows the difference.he asked me to throw the nylon away and said we should move immediately..cos the mallams were looking..

They were two on the stand..he said I had no idea what they would do if they know we know what we know...na so we take move ooo..I say make I just yarn you......many many things dey happen for this life..so almost all Nigerians are cannibals now?..hmmm..''

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