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Friday, 28 February 2014

Paul Walkers Last Film, Fast And Furious To Start Shooting In April

The Last Scene Vin Diesel Shot With The Late Actor.
When Paul Walker died in a fiery car crash in November, he was only halfway through shooting his film The Fast & Furious 7. For three months producers have been reworking the script, deciding in January to make the actor's character Brian O'Connor retire as a way to explain his sudden absence from the story.

On Friday The Hollywood Reporter announced production will finally resume on the action film in April, just one year ahead of its 2015 release date. There are about 'six to eight weeks' left of shooting, according to the weekly. The seventh installment of Fast & Furious was scheduled to resume shooting after Thanksgiving, but Walker's death put that on hold. Filming will take place in Atlanta, Georgia 'on or around April 1,' the Reporter claimed. 'The plan is to "retire" the character in a way that the studio hopes will satisfy fans of the franchise and make use of the existing footage of Walker. I cant wait to watch this just because of Paul Walker. DM.

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  1. I am very big fan of Paul Walker. I am very sad after his untimely Death. But i am waiting for his last Movie Fast & Furious 7, which is coming in March 2015.