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Saturday, 22 February 2014

MAVIN CEO , Don Jazzy Has Question And Answer Session With Fans On Twitter.

None for his lighthearted approach to life and warm personality, he had a question and answer session with his followers on twitter/ask fm. Read his funny , quirky replies.
Did u carry first in primary school?
ofcos na. who didnt? #TurnitUP
Do you ever get discouraged when you read hate mails?
Naaaa. its allowed. #TurnitUP 
What is IDJA?
 Introducing Di'Ja's Avatar. #Yaro #TurnitUP 
Do you agree 93% of Nigeria music artist can not stand the test of time?
 u be God? #TurnitUP
be honest,what do you think of Linda Ikeji??
Hot independent woman dedicated to her work. #TurnitUP
I wish to be a celebrity model to be precise, can u help me?
 cc ‎@EliteModels. #TurnitUP 
how much u paid to be twitter verified?
0kobo #TurnitUP

do you love watching movies? #turnitup
 idris Habib yep yep. tv shows more tho. #TurnitUP
How sure are we that onome is real? Juz hope its not IDJA that later turned out to be Dija, hope she's crazy about you as you are?
IDJA is not DIJA.
please Don J can u give my blog a shoutout =>
 kingebuka.blogspot.com #massivefan oshee. #TurnitUP 
Hiiiiii, what will be your reaction if I dm you to tell you how much I love you?
 male or female? #TurnitUP 
Do you like the Dubstep/Electronic genre of music?
 love it. #TurnitUP
why do u ignore my tweets?‎
 thelma eugene i dont know who u re. so its nothing personal sir/ma #TurnitUP
How come in all your years of being a celeb, we've never heard about you and a babe . Like girlfriend
 u re a late comer fan jor. #TurnitUP 
Man, isn't your askfm blowing up right now ?
 It is but its meant for questions. so lets discover the threshold.
do u knw that rihanna doesn't knw if u exist.....
did produce the song by Felix duke -joana
yels. #TurnitUP
Can I Dm you just to say hi ?
u re welcome anytime. #TurnitUP
Hook me up with AphroDIJA boss.
 cc ‎@AphroDija . #Yaro #TurnitUP
Y do most celebs snob????
They do? #TurnitUP
Is there any age limit for ppl u can sign
 100. #TurnitUP 
Future collaborations?
A lot. #TurnitUP
Can you please give me an emaiCan you please give me an email address I can send my DEMO to
Follow ‎@MissFSA and ‎@PapaOmisore for details. #TurnitUP
Don j , answer me naa . What did you give ‎@rihanna for her birthday?‎
 -The Biebs♥ my thoughts. #TurnitUP 
Favourite Nigerian musician
Tu the king #TurnitUP
Your style of music and production redicules real rap music why do you guys do that?
 re u feeling sleepy? #TurnitUP
how close are you to alibaba
His house is the closest to my house. #TurnitUP 
How I know say nah you dey reply my message?
Smell the tweet. u go smell my perf. #TurnitUP
is altims single
 cc ‎@AltimsMavin #TurnitUP
I'm nt tryna be demanding bt I just av one question 4 u! Would u like to listen to ‎@least one of my song? Sure. Prite2mavin@gmail.com #TurnitUP
Must a celebrity av to marry a celebrirty????
 Onome is not a celebrity. #TurnitUP 
When is your birthday
 Nov 26. #TurnitUP 
Love your artists a lot, can u sign a christian artist?
Thanks and very soon hopefully. #TurnitUP
Best newschool artists and producers
 ‎@ReekadoBanks ‎@AphroDija ‎@AltimsMavin ‎@FreshMavin #TurnitUP
Why do yu prefer native wears?
 e dey fit me. and its comfortable. #TurnitUP 
Greatest gift you've given your fans
All of me. #TurnitUP 
If you had one bullet, would you kill Moyes by shooting him or by beating him to death with the gun?
 None of the above. #TurnitUP 
Opinion on StudioMagic
Badt guy. #TurnitUP
what football club do you support ?
 Man United. #TurnitUP
which nigerian celeb do you have a crush on?
 ‎@Rihanna #TurnitUP
#Eminado means goodluck charm...#Surulere means patience is rewarding....what are you up to??
 musically overfeed u. #TurnitUP
what are the name of the new producer you've signed already
 ‎@AltimsMavin and ‎@FreshMavin
How are you today ?
 im good thanks alot. God bless. and u? 
how often do you have sex?
 as the spirit leads. #TurnitUP
Don jazzy why do I like u so much?
cos I don't know the reason myself‎  Mirian i think cos u know i appreciate u. #TurnitUP 
Apart frm signing someone to mavin, av u eva help an upcoming artiste get to a level in d music industry
 u ll never know. #TurnitUP
Do u cook at all?
 noodles count? #TurnitUP
the Reekado dude is good yo.. how old is he?
 20. u havent seen anything yet trust. #TurnitUP 
Could you post some of your old instrus from CV on soundcloud for referential purposes
 i will try. #TurnitUP 
U find it difficult to ff back on twitter why??????????
 u lie. #TurnitUP
Baba, One folder wey no good?
 Asper how? Lol! Folder wey dey chop dust on top desk. #TurnitUP 
How rich do u consider urslf???
 Not enough. #TurnitUP
What time of the day do you take time off to listen to demos sent to you?
 There is time. just send ur own. #TurnitUP
When last did u have sex...im horny and I wanna have sex with you.
 on my period. #TurnitUP
Can you sign up a rock band to mavin?
 i can. the problem is una go put the band for one folder wey no good. #TurnitUP
Are you badder than tony montana?
 Tony montana still die. im the Good Don. #TurnitUP
do u chew or swallow
eba i dey lick am. lol swallow o. #TurnitUP 
Woud you consider signing a young producer to Mavin records?
 Signed 2 already. we still expanding so yeah. #TurnitUP 
U r one producer I respect and appreciate wat he does wish I can meet I someday. Do u have sisters? Thanks. 1 sister. #TurnitUP 
What inspired the name mavin?
 it sounds frosh. plus it means genius. #TurnitUP 
Do u consider yourself a role model worthy of emulation ?
 110%. But know ur role models well b4 u emulate tho. #TurnitUP 
What's your Favreet Genre of music?
 Highlife. #TurnitUP
How many artiste to you have signed under mavin record.
 5 Activated. more to come. #TurnitUP
Did you seriously learn Yoruba at London?
 Yels. #TurnitUP 
what does family mean to you ?
 Everything. #TurnitUP
Lmao donbabaj with your big nose, how come your name is not nosa?
 u can call me that if u like. #TurnitUP
Can I be ur pa ?
‎@MissFSA is perfect. when she resigns maybe. #TurnitUP 
can u sign rappers
 yes i will. #TurnitUP
Can I kiss your bald head when I run into you?
 ermm im not bald tho. #TurnitUP
Are you a virgin?
 yes. #TurnitUP 
did you feel betrayed by Dbanj initially??
 Dis is 2014 bro. #TurnitUP 
Do you have a crush on Rihanna?????
 Who doesn't? #TurnitUP (‎@Rihanna see my reply o) 
Have you ever considered acting? you know you're funny
 I am camera shy. maybe i would try later sha. #TurnitUP 
If you were not a the donjazzy we know today .. what alternative career would you have gone for ?
 don jazzy's manager/pa/friend/partner/every #TurnitUP
If you had the chance to choose another life, would you choose another career?
 Music it would be. #TurnitUP 
Who has been your role model in the music industry #TurniyUP‎
 itz khalead Timbo, Jay, diddy, russel, 2face and my Dad. #TurnitUP
How much you fit drop for boys account now :'(
Now? nothing. maybe some other time sha. who knows? #TurnitUP 
What inspires your dress sense?
 any fashion icon? Im not that into fashion. but music??? #TurnitUP 
Why do you follow but not reply to DM's?
 i try my best but trust me the messages re much. cant reply all. #TurnitUP 
Plsss can u tweet about my upcoming song:
 Headliner ‎@psynchronize ft. ‎@its_obimto There u go. #TurnitUP
Are you married?
Not yet. very soon i hope. #TurnitUP
Can I come to your house?
 someday hopefully. #TurnitUP
Do you go to church?
I cant lie that i go all the time but i do. #TurnitUP
Boss am a rapper can I have hope Dat I could be signed to Mavin?
 send demo to prite2mavin@gmail.com. ff ‎@MissFSA. #TurnitUP
How is onome?
She is fine thank you. #TurnitUP 
What inspires you to go into music production...
The love for the music first. Making doe while having fun is bliss. #TurnitUP
I am broke ,Coman dash me money na :(
 That is not a valid question boss. #TurnitUP 
When is the last time you told somone you love them?
 Last Night. #MyMum
Are you afraid of falling in love?
Don jazzy rocks mehn.....lol

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