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Sunday, 23 February 2014

Church In Abuja Gives Church Members $100 Each As Statement Of Faith.

Holy Hill church is a church based in Abuja, they have services at Immaculate Hotel and Suites, Adetokunbo Ademola Crescent, Abuja.  According to their church Philosophy they recognize that the foundation of true greatness is embedded in the love of God and His kingdom.
Our people are renowned for their good character, sense of purpose, demonstration of the power of God and their material prosperity. Today they showed their material prosperity by gifting every one that attended their service today with white envelopes containing $100 bills. 
How The Gifts Came.
Everyone got an envelope as long as you worshiped at Holy Hill Church today. According to members of the church, the reason why they were all given monetary gifts was that lately the Pastor  of the church has been teaching a series on money and a member of the church felt moved to sow a seed into everyones's life. At 1st when i heard about it i though it was a political stunt but at this point i dont know how to believe. I would just take their word for it. 
I am sure next week service would be full to overflowing, who know like better thing? While alot of people have applauded the idea because they feel all churches do these days is collect and dont give while some people are suspicious of the motive behind the white envelopes. With time the truth would prevail, Politically motivated  or Faith motivated

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