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Saturday, 18 January 2014

Your Child And Sex - Praise Fowowe.

LoveBird’s Daily Devotional with Praise Fowowe © 2013
Your Child and Sex 15– CURIOSITY & I (5-8years)
I was invited to a school years ago where two 5year olds were caught practicing lesbianism in the school restroom and on investigation we discovered more children were also involved. Early 2012 I ran a series on sex among 6year olds on my Friday column on This day newspapers and I got calls from parents all over the country expressing their discoveries. There was a 6year old whose mother caught sucking the penis of the house boy while there was another one who was caught behind the curtains with his 5year old cousin yet we discovered same period how a lot of boys within this age range have had homosexual interactions especially in the high fee paying schools.

You as a parent need to spend time teaching your child about his/her identity because not doing this will put them at the mercy of peer pressure or lies of the predator. So teach your child that he/she is a king/queen but beyond that you need to explain to your child how much of a star he/she is. You can share stories of people who have distinguished themselves in various fields globally, what they went through and how many of them were people who never kept secrets from their parents.
Also teach your child that he/she is a solution provider and in teaching this you foster a sense of responsibility on your children by striking a win-win deal with them. How do you get them to become more responsible at home and do what they would ordinarily not want to do? Don’t say your child is too small to take these lessons cos the 4 year olds of 2014 are the 14 year olds of yester years.
To be continued
I honour you.
Praise Fowowe.
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