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Friday, 24 January 2014

The Horror Of Syria's War : Pictures Of How Rebel Prisoners Are Executed. *********WARNING EXTREMELY GRAPHIC IMAGES************

                              The images released are said to show victims of 'systematic killings' in prisons run by President Bashar al-Assad, pictured earlier this week in Damascus
                                                         President Bashar Al-Assad
More photographs showing the maimed bodies of alleged victims of ‘systematic killings’ in Syrian prisons have been released today. The second cache of photos paints an even clearer image of the horrendous conditions and gruesome torture in government-run jails in Syria. The images, some of the 55,000 leaked by a witness ‘tasked with recording deaths in custody’, were taken between 2011 and 2013.
Proof of war crimes: The photos were all taken during the Syrian civil war, between 2011 and 2013, and smuggled out of the country

The person who leaked the photographs says he was a part of the Syrian military police for 13 years and it was his job to photograph dead bodies brought to military hospitals from government jails
The pictures were smuggled out of Syria by a military police photographer, who has been saving the files over two years, and handed to the opposition.When the first photographs were released earlier this week, they were described as 'clear evidence' of crimes against humanity by a team of war crimes prosecutors. They show emaciated corpses with strangulation marks, cuts, bruising and signs of electrocution – evidence of extreme torture, claim investigators. Some victims are shown to have had their eyes removed. The photographer served as a military police officer for 13 years, and was assigned the duty of documenting the dead bodies brought to the military hospitals controlled by the Syrian regime during the civil war.
 Stomach turning: The bodies are all lined up, side by side, before their injuries are documented, allegedly by Syrian government forces

Shocking: A second set of pictures from the 55,000 photograph dossier showing alleged victims of torture and systematic killings in government-run prisons in Syria has been released

Murder: The corpses are said to all be members of rebel forces who have been kept in Syrian jail by al-Assad's military police

True evil: This horrific photo shows a man who shirt is covered in blood, with a rusty chain embedded into his stomach

Evidence: One man with a white beard and grey hair has several open wounds on his arm and chest

The feet of the photographer and a colleague can be seen in this photograph next to the emaciated remains of a prisoner

Purple bruising and lacerations cover the upper body of another male victim photographed by the military police in Syria
How can people be so callous? How!

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