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Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Nigerians Jailed In Failed Shame Marriage Plot.

Ayodeji Abbis has been jailed for his part in an elaborate plot to keep fellow Nigerian Jayeola Abiola in the countryAbiola Kumoye, who organised the sham wedding
 Ayodeji Abbis (left) and Abiola Kumoye 
Nigerian-born Abiola Kumoye and Ayodeji Abbis have been jailed after admitting their part in the elaborate plot to keep fellow Nigerian and University of Hull masters student Jayeola Abiola in the country by holding a sham wedding held in Hull, East Yorkshire. Law student Abbis agreed on the morning of the wedding to be best man for £1,000, yet had never met the groom until they arrived at the wedding venue. The 27-year-old denied knowing it was a sham or that he was paid £1,000, claiming the money was owed to him by an associate of Abiola.
Abiola faced being booted out of Britain because his visa was running out and had planned to pay others £5,000 for organising the wedding at Hull’s Guildhall. He even picked Celine Dion’s The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face as the wedding song for the big day. Father-of-two, Kumoye, 34, was paid £2,150 by Abiola for 'luring' the bride, Portuguese-born Vania Pinheiro-Fernandes and providing her with his ex-wife’s passport. Kumoye and Pinheiro-Fernandes then travelled in convoy with Abbis from Leeds to Hull on the day of the wedding, stopping off at British Home Stores to pick up her wedding dress and tiara. Kumoye and Abbis were arrested and charged with conspiracy to breach immigration laws in January. The bride and groom were jailed for eight and 12 months respectively in July. Abbis was sentenced to eight months while Kumoye was jailed for 16 months.

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