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Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Davido And His Bouncers Cause Fight In Night Club.

Davido was, last weekend, involved in a club fight that allegedly left about 7 people injured, with property damaged. According to an eye witness, her tweets continue after the cut, Davido and his bodyguards had gone to party at Nu Grotto night club, Victoria Island, after performing at the #Colourfulworldofmore concert held at Eko Hotel and Suites.
They had bought 4 Necter Rose, 3 Hennessy VSOP. About 2 bouncers were in charge of his security. They all sat down while Davido was standing on the sofa, ‘turning up’ with friends. Later on, the club DJ, Dj JD noticed Davido's ATM card had fallen off. JD picked it up and tried handing it back to the Davido but he was harassed by Davido's bouncers. Not finding it funny, JD reportedly lashed back at the bouncers who now got angry and replied JD with some hot slaps! Davido bouncers slapped JD seriously, that he, being a Lagos street boy, retaliated. JD allegedly hit Davido’s bouncer's face with the brandy glass he was holding. (Dj Jd is about 4″4, and Davido’s bouncer is about 6″ tall, #DavidAnd Goliath things). Davido's bodyguard started bleeding through his neck. With the annoyance he reportedly forced his way into the club, beat up grotto’s chief bouncer–Big Sam, grabbed bottles and flung them in the club, which in turn injured about four club goers.
Amongst whom is Mrs Anderson.

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