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Friday, 1 November 2013

6 Pregnant Girls Rescued From Baby Making Factory In Port Harcourt.

File photo: Pregnant girls at a baby factory
Nigerian police have raided a baby factory in the oil city of Port Harcourt and arrested a woman accused of harbouring six pregnant girls, a spokeswoman said Wednesday. “We rescued six girls last week at different stages of pregnancy from an illegal maternity home in Port Harcourt,” Joy Elomoko of the Imo State police said.
She said the youngest of the girls was 14, without disclosing the ages of the others. “We have also arrested the proprietress of the clinic and she is assisting us in our investigation,” she said. She said the girls also told police that they were being kept in the home to make babies which would be sold to willing buyers. Elomoko said the suspect would be taken to court after police investigation. Nigerian police have uncovered a series of alleged baby factories in recent years, notably in the southeastern part of the country. Baby boys can sell for a price of around $250 (180 euros), baby girls for slightly less. Human trafficking, including the selling of children, is the third most common crime in Nigeria behind fraud and drug trafficking, according to the United Nations.I dont have any issue with giving babies to those who need them after all its done but i do subscribe to proper documentation and process hwen all this is done. There should be some kind of paper trail not taking advantage of peoples vulnerability to reap them off. 
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