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Thursday, 31 October 2013

The Effects Of Smoking Overtime On The Human Body.

The serious health concerns associated with smoking cigarettes have been widely documented for many years, but now a new study has provided shocking photographic evidence of the devastating effects that addiction can have on a person’s face. Researchers interviewed more than 70 pairs of identical twins where one smoked and the other didn’t and found that smokers showed considerably more signs of premature facial aging. The most significant impact was on the lower two-thirds of a person’s face where smoking had caused greater wrinkling of the lips and sagging jowls.

When you smoke, the blood vessels in your epidermis narrow. The decreased blood flow to your skin prevents oxygen and other nutrients from reaching the skin. Smoking also damages collagen and elasticity in the skin, which can accelerate wrinkles and cause sagging. Exposure to cigarette smoke, which causes squinting, and the act of smoking itself, which can create wrinkles around the mouth, can cause additional sagging and wrinkles related to the skin. These effects, as well as Vitamin C depletion of the skin due to smoking, can cause a person's skin to appear dull and discolored or gray. Deeper-set wrinkles around the mouth and eyes also may result due to loss of elasticity. The face is not the only portion affected, skin on the entire body may age prematurely.

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