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Wednesday, 11 September 2013

L'il Kim Stages A Comeback In Raunchy Outfit.

Kim's jacket shows off her ample cleavage Lil' Kim performs at an event for the launch of Coleman's new single, The Box, on Tuesday night
The 39-year old was making what amounted to a comeback performance at The Box nightclub as she prepares for the release of new mixtape Hardcore 2K13: Back 2 Da Streets – her first fresh material in eight-years. Wearing a cropped leather and suede jacket with very tight fitting leather hot-pants adorned with chains, Kim inevitably caught the eye as she worked her way through a lively set at the event, where she was appearing as a special guest. Another Picture after the cut. Ewwww look at all the work shes done on her face she looks oriental. Dont people know when to stop. Too much botox and plastic surgery.

The 39-year-old rapper caught the eye in this revealing outfit at The Box nightclub on Tuesday night

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