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Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Socialite Lanre Nzeribe Threatens Popular Blogger Stella Dimokokorkus With Law Suit.

Lanre Nzeribe with Monalisa Chinda, Stella Dimokokorkus.
According to Stella:
I opened my email and right there in my junkmail was this petition asking me to tender an apology or they will sue for Five hundred million naira(only?) if i do not tender a public apology on my blog in 48hours for what the lawyer terms slander.  First of  all your petition referred to me as ''Dear Sir'' and my name is spelt in the saving jpeg as 'Stelladimokorus...''...Sorry to correct you oh,I am not a ''Sir'' and my name is as found on the blog ''STELLADIMOKO-KORKUS. Let me categorically state it here that I refuse to be scared into a chickens nest by Mr Lanre Nzeribe your client.....
I am sure you people can use google and can find other stories where those names you mentioned in your petition exist.There is no where in my memo that says''Lanre dated any Stella Damasus '' so there is nothing to take back. If ''Mrs Stella Damasus is married to Emeka Nzeribe'' how come she is Mrs with her maiden name?Shouldn't it be Stella Damasus-Nzeribe. You claim your client is Stella's husbands cousin and they are still married? READ HERE SIR. The same law which gives Mr lanre freedom of association also applies to me...A Nigerian citizen. The memo i sent Mr Lanre Nzeribe and his (new) girlfriend Monalisa Chinda is HERE and I have re-read it and would like to know exactly what part i should be apologising for in the memo and if ''reverse'' means to delete.You say Sir that ''a word is enough for the wise'' and I totally agree with you 100PERCENT! I await your humble response and also use this opportunity to tell you that I no get five  hundred million naira but if found guilty i can do community service in your clients house since if you squeeze me i cannot cough out the chicken change you want to ask for..
Thank you Sir(s)
PS----Please hurry with your Response Sir.and pardon any Mistakes,I am not as Learned as you and i was too much in a hurry to reply you in case una increase the money to ten hundred million naira.God Bless
This is your petition Sir.

Hmmmmm Stella is one of the bloggers i admire, shes fearless. She stands by her word. I like the part she said she could do community service. LWKMD.

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