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Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Common Mistakes Married Men Make By Praise Fowowe

I Can Handle Any Woman Syndrome
The second brand of car you may need to drive as a man is the Creative Convertible woman who is also highly misunderstood and takes a secured man to handle. How do you handle a flashy live-wire of every show who breaks every rule consistently not because she is wicked but because she is a non-conformist. Can you stand a woman who has got a lot of male friends and well loved by all of them? Can you stand your wife becoming more popular than you and well praised by all because of her friendly disposition. Yes!
A creative woman could be a bit scattered and has got too many affiliations but that is a woman whose network can come in handy for the family. To many of your friends she is a wayward woman and they may counsel you to tame her but to her maker she is your publicity secretary, image maker and a key that can open any door for you and the family. There is no point becoming jealous over her popularity or trying to tame her as a result of your insecurity. As a matter of fact you don’t have to feel threatened by her mighty friend. You need to create an environment that makes her potential thrive because the moment you try to stifle her she will begin to look for someone else to talk to because she can’t do without talking. And don’t consider her rude when she talks because she wants a friend and a play mate in her spouse and not a task master or a sensory judge  Treating her right gives you a global icon but taming her gives you a pretending  dummy whose global juice her world and you may never enjoy. She is a bird that needs to fly and if you can provide wings for her flight she will always sing your praises to the heavens. U can be sure that your true greatness and maturity as a man would be tested by this car and you can’t afford to drive her with your traditional egoistic driving lessons.
The dependable truck woman is the 3rd car for lots of men. Trying to generalize the tendencies of every woman without humbling yourself to read their user’s manual is a recipe to marital failure. The dependable truck woman is the extroverted relational car that will serve you irrespective of your disposition to her. She is willing to give up everything for you to have your way and would rather keep quiet than raise any issues but could internalize her hurts for several years simply because she doesn’t want to rock the boat. She may not take the lead and is willing to dance to your tune which could make her procrastinate over what she should use her initiative for simply because she considers you as her brain. She is the one a lot of men take advantage of cos she appears powerless to take you up and a lot of them suffer in silence without necessarily being happy. However she has got a depth of wisdom that you may not profit from if you don’t have the patience and skill to draw it out because she is not likely to go out of her way to suggest anything? I see a lot of men who have become their home’s island of knowledge because of the introverted nature of their women not knowing that the key to the most difficult issues in your life resides in this well of wisdom called dependable truck woman. She is willing to work herself to death to please you so why don’t you allow her rest and take charge of the kitchen once in a while or spend quality time appreciating her cos she never really gets appreciated in most cases. She is an expert at managing any task that requires completion and can’t stand men who change their minds at will or yells when angry. Can u unleash the power in this woman or you are excited that you have a woman under control? Always remember that you are not truly married if you are a controlling man dominating your woman. Ask God for grace to get d best out of her.
Prayer: Lord Enlarge My Heart.

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