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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Man Killed By Shark In New Zealand.

adam strange and baby
The Victim Adam Strange.
A 46-year-old swimmer has been killed in a rare shark attack off New Zealand’s Muriwai beach. Father-of-one Adam Strange was fatally injured by the shark, believed to be a great white measuring up to 14 feet long. Police and lifesavers recovered the man's body on Wednesday afternoon at Muriwai, a popular surfing beach near the city of Auckland, on New Zealand's North Island. Witness Stef McCallum, 18, said about 200 people were on the beach at the time. She saw a police officer go out in a surf lifesaving boat and fire "about 20" shots into the water at the shark."Everybody was evacuated from the water. Word of mouth, 'shark', and everybody left the water," she said. He called for help before he was pulled under water.

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