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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Common Mistakes Women Make By Praise Fowowe.

Accepting The Weaker Vessel Syndrome (Not Cultivating Yourself.)
I have discovered that a lot of women take care and cultivate themselves more as singles than as married women and many excuse it with the weaker vessel syndrome that has empowered a lot of men at the expense of women. I am aware that there a lot of men who wouldn't allow their women develop so that they can continually dominate them but I often tell women that these are issues you need to resolve during courtship because the same man who wouldn't allow you develop is the same person who will do everything to win the hearts of other women he considers developed outside. If he can stop you from going to school you can decide to bring the school to your house in form of books (at least he can’t stop you from reading). I see a lot of women read but many read the wrong things like soft sell where you read about other people’s gist. A wise man defined gossip as inter-meddling with information that you can’t use or that has no relevance to your future and that is what many of us spend our lives reading.

For example how does ‘The MD of Colombo Bank caught pants down’ affect your mental development? It is high time women began to realize that the only corner of the universe that you have the capacity to develop is your ‘self development’. Study and become the best at what you do such that no man can push you aside. You have all it takes to become indispensable to your man and that is why you can’t afford to be comfortable with OND when he is on his second degree because it is only a matter of time before you become intellectually incompatible. If you don’t develop your mind there won’t really be anything to talk about with time.
Why do some men flaunt their women while some others are ashamed to present theirs? Of course I understand a man has a role as a bride groom to groom a woman into the best she can every be because every woman is a reflection of a man however you don’t have to wait for anyone’s permission to cultivate your mind and be relevant to your world. What is the quality of your thoughts on social media? Would your man be proud of a woman who posts ‘This Afang soup is solid o’ or ‘I need to recharge my BIS now’ as against others who post quality notes that challenge other people’s thoughts process. Life is a choice the same way self development is a choice. You can’t afford to expire while you are still young so stop complaining about the man not respecting you. Earn his respect by becoming indispensable to your world and ultimately to him. Every man wants to be a husband to a celebrity even when many of them are unwilling to bring out the celebrity in you but you owe yourself that honour to ‘show yourself’. Don’t allow verbal abuse and discouragement to hold you bound. Determine who you’d rather be and give it your all. I have noticed that African men don’t like a woman who knows her onions and a show of that is saying that she is proud but don’t dance to that blackmail. Study to show yourself approved unto God however you must draw a balance lest knowledge puffs you up in a way that you become rude to your husband. Spend time reading books that can develop you and keep abreast of facts on issues that affect you and your relationships. So far we have looked at 6 common mistakes marriage women make and I must confess that I have handled more cases of married women cheating on their men and marital crisis last year alone than my 14 year of practice put together. Mountains don’t bring strong men down; it takes pebbles to bring them down and what that says to us is that what break homes are mundane things that could have been handled with simple solutions. I have seen too many women lose their homes to a younger girl that should not even be standing on the same platform with them out of sheer ignorance and it is time to right these wrongs and begin to assist our couples build sustainable and role-modeling marital lives.
Has it occurred to you what singles ladies read online that married women don’t pay attention to? Or how do you explain a man that is a lion at home yet becomes a lamb in the hands of another younger lady? Dr. Mike Murdock said ‘Trapped in every man is a king and a fool, the one you address is the one that responds to you’ how on earth would a married woman assume her position is safe in his life simply because he gave you a ring? Of course I am aware that men should learn to keep their integrity and I believe there is no excuse for a man cheating on his wife however many of the challenges couples go through are preventable situations if the right knowledge had been applied. What do you read when you go online? I have seen single girls Google and read stuff like ‘How to snatch a man’. ‘How to seduce your boss’ ‘How to make a man forget his wife’ yet married woman don’t read any of such. You are neither weak nor helpless so live up to your real status as a woman of honor.
Confession: I activate all that God has placed in me and won't fail womanhood,  I study to show myself approved unto God a woman that is not ashamed knowing what to do at the right time, I have a sound mind and I cultivate my mind daily. I refused to be an expired woman.
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