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Thursday, 10 January 2013

Wizkid And Davido Insult Sheifunmi On Twitter.

Popular Blogger wrote some stories about Davido and Wizkid that they didn't find funny and engaged in a brawl on twitter, would post screen shots of the stories Sheifunmi put up
Then Davido's Story that he put up on the 4th of january and the 7th, also bringing Davido;s Dads marriage into the mix:

Wizkid was upset about the story written about him and had a few choice words for Sheifunmi Yesterday

Then Davido had had this to say today:

Sheifunmi gave us good as he got:

Sheifunmi also added a picture of Davido to the mix:

Wonder what the picture means but please fighting with sheifunmi is a lost CAUSE, you all should kiss and make up. Been a celebrity you live your life in a glass bowl since you chose that path you cant help but be in the news for all the wrong or right reasons.

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