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Thursday, 10 January 2013

Ship With Toxic Waste Berths At Tin Can Port.

Security and environmental officials,  yesterday, quarantined a ship laden with e-waste which they said  is toxic and posed major threat to humans. The ship, M.V Marevia brought in two containers considered very dangerous sent port officials into a panic mode.

-Waste consists of old and outdated electronic gadgets and materials such as refrigerators, containing  chlorophyll carbons (CFC) or green house gases. The ship came from Tilbury in the United Kingdom with the importers based in Alaba. The ship arrived on the 5th of January.
According to Mr Dike Ejiogu, a computer Engineer at the Ikeja Computer Village: “Although some of these gadgets were manufactured for human good, the expiration of the chemicals used in manufacturing them converts them to toxins which ironically becomes injurious to  human health particularly when the gases are inhaled.
“Besides, they are also environmentally unfriendly as they pollute the air and reduce the oxygen  which is the main ingredient of the air we breathe for life” he added. May God help us oh.

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